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Blair and chuck son how to make a pisces man miss you It definitely did. The show ran from 2006-2012 with many emotional ups and downs. Even though the show blair and chuck son, there are still some unanswered questions we are all wondering about. What Happened to Dorota's family? Dorota has been in a secret relationship with the doorman Vanya.

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However, as their constant manipulative games and challenges increased, the two soon became drawn to one another. Initially, fans grew to love the couple for their teamwork and support of one another. Several of their moments together included slapping, shoving, and occasional hair-pulling.

Gossip Girl Season 6 Blooper Reel!

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It was always just a question of were we going to reveal it or not to reveal it. Maybe it was more fun for everyone to not know who Gossip Girl was and be able to speculate and come up with your own ideas. How do you account for that stuff?

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Gossip Girl 5x10 'Blair and Chuck's car crash' scene

Gossip Girl 5x10 'Can you love another man's child' scene

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