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Black mirror metalhead wiki black dress formal wedding Crocodile An even moodier take on the Scandi noir genre, 'Crocodile' is set in a world where insurance companies tap into people's memories in order to settle claims. Things start off bad — with a hit-and-run accident — and spiral downwards from there. Although the original script had a man in the lead role, Andrea Riseborough stars as Mia who finds her perfect life unravelling black mirror metalhead wiki her past misdeeds catch up with her.

Black Mirror It is astonishing Black Mirror gets reviewed at all when you remember its creator, Charlie Brooker, was once a television critic. He has gone from spewing invective about the state of the culture to being one of its leading exponents, weighed down with prizes, plaudits and, we can bitterly presume, a terrific amount of money. On the arrival of its fourth series, there are other pressures on Black Mirror, too.

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Bella gives Sarah Connor a run for her money. The decision to ditch clutter and complex backstory results in an elegant, streamlined story of survival.

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Black Mirror Season 4 Episode 5: "Metalhead" Reaction & Review - Fan Reaction Fridays

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