In Conversation With ‘New York Times’ Columnist Bari Weiss

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Bari weiss books secretly dating someone at work His op-ed page became a sped-up version of his Atlantic, and the essential nihilism of either endeavor was laid bare. Ideas are valued to the extent that bari weiss books provoke, and because barii outlets sit within a broadly liberal consensus, special value was assigned to provocations from their right click. Criticism flew in from all points of the compass — including from within the Times itself, where staffers were unusually frank in expressing their bari weiss books at both Weiss and the newspaper, according to an internal chatroom transcript obtained by HuffPost. Weiss chose to respond by doubling down.

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Click to share on Reddit Opens in new window If evidence mattered, the most damning evidence about Bari Weiss would be what her defenders say about her. The Bari Weiss story does not depend on content; it is a form that has existed from the beginning and never needs to change. Bari Weiss has friends, and she has enemies, and to her friends the existence of her enemies is proof that the world is vicious and unreasonable. Every controversy is the same, and all of them are unfair.

Bari Weiss Has the Stupidest Take on Tulsi Gabbard Yet

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Bari Weiss on The Joe Rogan Experience in 7 Minutes

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