Are Candles Bad for You? From Scented to Unscented

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When was the first candle made the godly community film Creekmore, Hearthside Press, Inc. When we say that our ancestors worked from sunup to sundown, we are speaking the literal when was the first candle made. After dark, with doors bolted and windows securely shuttered, colonial families gathered around the huge fireplace that was an invariable feature of the principal room. During the seventeenth firsy eighteenth centuries, candles were the best means of illumination in the Old World and the New.

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A Clean Solution. Do they belong to the realm of legends or were Goethe's last words really "Light, more light! We will probably never know. What we do know, however, is that poor lighting at that time and constantly smoking, sooty candles were a cause of great annoyance to the famous German poet.

Today we wanted to take some of your top candle questions and answer them rapid-fire style! Do Candles Float in Water? Cue the science class flashback!

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